Ride To Live Bottom Rocker

Ride To Live Bottom Rocker


  • RIDE TO LIVE in red capital letters
  • Black background
  • Red border
  • 2″ X 9.75″

"Live to ride and ride to live" is more than a popular slogan to you. It's an American way of life! And now you can wear this way of life proudly on the back of your jacket or vest. With this terrific 2" X 9.75" sized bottom rocker by Dream Apparel you definitly will be recognized. It has red letters on a black background with a red border and stands out boldly on any jacket or vest.
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Embroidered patches are probably the oldest but also the best way to realize your own logos.
The best form to apply the club logo or other grouping recognition to all types of textile. Motorcycle clubs probably have the best-known form of patch. The patches on the cowls are used to identify the clubs or the motorcycle brand. The patches on the vests are used to identify the clubs or the motorcycle brand but thea are also a form of express your riding style.

Combine your emotions with your style and feel free and strong! You are unstopable!

Many motorcyclists also wear motorcycle jackets or vests with neutral badges without club membership. Depending on their mood, they have all kinds of biker slogans, logos or various brand-specific badges.
Biker patches are a very popular trading item at all types of biker events, parties or biker meetings.
The embroidery of the patches can in some cases almost be regarded as a modern work of art.
Just like with tattoos, the embroidered graphic is often almost a trademark. Making the art of embroidery from embroidered patches is a rare and difficult gift.

Patches exist to be sewn on. We know you love your vests and jackets, colorfully created or how it is organized for a club as it should be. We offer you a large selection of patches. With different sizes and colors. Some Patches are funny and with some you should think about before you laugh. No matter what you want to express. Show it with pride and respect.

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