New Suzuki motorcycles 2022

New Suzuki motorcycles 2022

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New Suzuki motorcycles 2022

Big in Japan!

All Suzuki motorcycle innovations at a glance. Which models are the Japanese bringing new for 2022 and which are being revised? Here is the overview.

Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT 2022 – the sports tourer is celebrating a renaissance

Probably the most important novelty for Suzuki is the huge sports tourer, which goes by the name GSX-S1000 GT. As a basis, she takes the high-performance naked bike GSX-S1000 GT and dresses it in a boldly designed disguise. The result is a touring sports motorcycle that scores with extensive standard equipment.

Suzuki Katana 2022 – the legend is back

We feared that the Suzuki Katana would have happened with Euro5. But you thought wrong! For 2022, the manufacturer is presenting an updated version of the charming naked bike with Euro5, new electronics and fresh colors.

New colors for the proven Suzuki V-Strom 650

Another novelty for the coming season is a motorcycle that can no longer really be called new. The Suzuki V-Strom 650. However, the fan base of this robust travel enduro is still large, which is why there is probably no reason to change the recipe for success. Instead, Suzuki is giving the V-Strom 650 and its XT sister new colors, which are expected to be available from dealers from January 2022.

New Suzuki GSX-S950 2021/2022

Technically, the Suzuki GSX-S950 is not a new model for 2022. After all, it was presented in June and we tested it in October. But in case of doubt we decide in favor of the defendant and give it the novelty status of 2022. The GSX-S950 is obviously based on the 1000 sister, but is limited to A2-throttable 95 PS and uses cheaper components in some corners to keep the price low.

Speculation: is something else coming at Suzuki?

With an improved Katana, robust naked bikes like the GSX-S1000 and true classics like the V-Strom 650, Suzuki has a well-positioned model range for 2022. But what can we expect in the future? According to patent drawings, they are working on an in-line two-cylinder with 700 cubic meters and crank pin offset, which could speak for a possible replacement of the SV650. There are also rumors of turbo engines. But let’s wait and see – after all, the Japanese like to show their innovations of new Suzuki motorcycles 2022 , so the bomb could burst at any moment.

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