Kawasaki Receives Order for Steam Turbine Generator

Kawasaki Receives Order for Steam Turbine Generator

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Tokyo, November 18, 2021 — Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today the receipt of an order, via group company Kawasaki Trading Co., Ltd., for one 45 MW class steam turbine generator. The order was placed by the China Steel Machinery Corporation, a subsidiary of major Taiwanese steelmaker China Steel Corporation (CSC).

As part of an existing coke oven renewal project, CSC is pursuing a plan to build the world’s largest coke dry quencher (CDQ)* as well as a new boiler that recovers heat generated by the CDQ. The steam turbine generator ordered from Kawasaki will utilize steam produced by the new boiler to generate electric power, thus making effective use of heat and realizing energy savings and CO2 emission reductions. Kawasaki will ship the steam turbine generator for the new facility to Taiwan in January 2023, and the start of generator operations is scheduled for the first half of 2025. Electricity generated using the turbine will be supplied to the steelworks for use in production processes.

Kawasaki has delivered a total of nine turbine generators to the CSC Group thus far, and this new delivery will be the third CDQ-use steam turbine generator delivered to the same group. This latest order was made possible thanks to the CSC Group’s high regard for the excellent reliability of Kawasaki’s equipment as well as the after-sales services it provides.

One of Kawasaki’s biggest strengths lies in its full lineup of steam turbine generators as well as gas engines, gas turbines and other products that boast high electrical efficiency and are optimized for a distributed approach to energy supply, and also in its ability to propose optimized energy supply systems utilizing combined-cycle power plants that combine the aforementioned products. Moving forward, Kawasaki will continue its active pursuit of product and technology improvements as well as strengthening of plant engineering capabilities in order to further expand its energy-related business on a global scale. Furthermore, the company will continue to pursue reliable energy supplies while making contributions to environmental load reductions and the achievement of low- and zero-carbon-emission societies, while striving to precisely address a diverse array of market needs.

Coke dry quencher:

A system that uses inert gas passed through a cooling tower to quench red-hot coke that has been dry-distilled (high-temperature steaming to separate coke from volatile gases) in a coke oven. Because quenching is carried out inside a sealed cooling tower, heat that is normally dissipated as vapor with the conventional wet quenching approach can instead be recovered for use in the boiler to produce steam and generate electricity.

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